Macquarie Park

Why rent when you can buy a brand new 3 bedroom ensuite townhouse from $446* a week?


There are a number of reasons why choosing to buy could be
a great option for you!


  • Over time, properties tend to increase in value. By paying off a mortgage rather than paying rent, you’re making an investment. If your property increases in value, the benefits are yours, rather than your landlord’s.
  • As you make your home loan repayments and/or your property increases in value, your equity can increase. This can open up several options for you and give you more freedom with your finances.
  • If you own your own home you’re able to improve and furnish it the way you like. Whether it’s hanging your favourite artwork or a paint job down the track, the choice is yours.
  • Apart from the tangible benefits, owning your own home can also give you a sense of pride, security and flexibility.

So what are you waiting for?


*Based on purchase price of $589,900, 10% deposit over 30 years, 4.3% interest only loan.